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Identify issues, improve operations and reduce costs with our industry-leading power quality data analysis solutions. A perfect fit for any company, regardless of its size.

Reduce Downtime

Pinpoint the location of faults. Reduce the time spent troubleshooting, and restore power faster.

Protect Valuable Assets

Identify imminent failures, and repair your valuable transformers and capacitor banks before they are catastrophically damaged.

Improve Customer Service

Reduce the time and resources needed to improve service and reliability.

Monitor Standards

See how you measure up against industry standards such as IEEE and CSA/IEC.


This software is the industry standard for power quality database management and analysis.


Our power quality analysis and reporting will improve operations and the bottom line.


Learn more about our power quality solutions for companies of any size.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Glenn Magill

    General Manager

    About Glenn Magill

    Glenn has more than 33 years of industry experience in electrical distribution systems and project management. Prior to his current role, Glenn served as Manager, Distribution Design at Hydro Ottawa and held a number of senior leadership positions throughout his career in both engineering and operations. Glenn is certified by the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists as an Electrical Engineering Technician.

  • Testimonial

    Gary MacLeod

    Product Manager

    About Gary MacLeod

    Gary’s experience includes decades of in-depth investigations of power quality and reliability concerns. He founded Current Power Services in 2013 after retiring from Hydro Ottawa with 33 years of experience in the utility industry. Gary was the Program Manager for Hydro Ottawa’s PQView Power Monitoring projects and represented Hydro Ottawa for CEATI Power Quality Interest Group, Electrotek Concept’s, PQView Users Group, and the PQView 4 Collaboration Project.

  • Paul Stergio, Consolidated Edison, New York

    Advanced fault location capability has significantly increased the value of these systems, reducing the time required to locate feeder faults at Con Edison by more than one hour.

  • Scott Mercer, Engineering Team, Power Quality, BC Hydro

    PQView saves us hours of valuable time when investigating customer and network Power Quality issues. Data that was once attained from numerous cumbersome spreadsheets is now readily available in one application.

 Visualize the power that you 
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