PQ-OnSite is a watch dog service that remotely monitors your power supply and quickly identifies anomalies that can impact your operation and your bottom line. By flagging potential issues before an interruption occurs or major costs are incurred, it can protect valuable assets such as substation transformers, on-load tap-changers and capacitor banks — and deliver peace of mind.

PQ-OnSite eliminates the need to maintain specialized software applications internally, allowing you to focus resources on other priorities. Benefit from our 30+ years of expertise to collect and analyze the data on your behalf.

How it Works

Leveraging existing communication infrastructure, PQ-OnSite imports, manages, and securely stores power monitoring data from your meters and devices. Using the analytical engines of PQView® software, it identifies anomalies that may require immediate action to prevent imminent equipment failure or power outage.

The service provides email alerts and next-day event reports for any captured events, along with anytime access to your data over the secure PQ-OnSite web portal. In the advanced service, PQ experts will analyze your data and provide follow-up event reports, as well as monthly and annual summary reports.

The Case for Condition Monitoring

Protect Valuable Assets

Finding and identifying the source of anomalies can determine imminent failure of expensive transformers, capacitor banks, allowing them to be taken out of service and repaired without catastrophic failure.

Reduce Outages and Downtime

Eliminating catastrophic failure of major components can reduce number and frequency of outages. Event data can pinpoint location of faults, reducing time to troubleshoot outages and enhance restoration time.

Monitor Standards Compliance

Monitoring power quality indices will allow both customers and energy providers to measure performance against industry standards such as IEEE and CSA/IEC and determine if remedial action is required.

Improve Customer Service

Full-time monitoring will capture most electrical events that can impact customer’s operation. This allows you to be more informed about events impacting your customers and reduce time and resources required to improve service and reliability.