PQView® is the industry-leading software to analyze power quality data and provide actionable information to help you troubleshoot and improve operations. CPS is the exclusive distributor of this software in Canada.

This powerful software will help electricity providers, industrial consumers and generators. This software is being used by major utilities worldwide, including BC Hydro, Fortis Alberta, Hydro One Networks, Hydro Ottawa and Hydro Quebec.

  • Prevents prolonged outages
  • Extends asset life
  • Integrates data from multiple devices
  • Improves customer satisfaction

How It Works

PQView leverages information imported from different devices to create a variety of customizable reports to meet specific needs, reduce the cost of field investigations, and improve customer satisfaction. With a number of modules available, including fault location, it is also a valuable asset management tool that prevents prolonged outages and extends asset longevity.

PQView integrates data from:

  • Power quality monitors
  • Digital relays
  • Fault recorders
  • Smart meters
  • SCADA databases
  • And more

CPS can train your in-house engineers, power quality investigators and IT support staff on PQView. Or, CPS can administer and manage PQView on your behalf with our PQ-OnSite service. It all comes down to the most cost-efficient solution for the maximum gain.

Key Features

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Integrates data from many different systems
  • Performs voltage sag and fault event analysis
  • Correlates power quality and fault events with SCADA
  • Creates data log trends, histograms, profiles, scatter charts, and statistical summary tables
  • Generates ITIC, SEMI-F47, and custom voltage sag magnitude-duration charts

Asset Management

  • Identifies, analyzes and locates faults
  • Predicts damage of valuable assets before catastrophic failure
  • Prevents costly repairs, prolonged outages and environmental damage
  • Troubleshoots performance problems and protection & control failures
  • Investigates equipment failures
  • Extends infrastructure lifespan

System Control

  • Determines direction of fault during an outage
  • Identifies faulted phases and pinpoints fault locations
  • Reduces outage time and prevents future outages

Customer Service

  • Helps customers troubleshoot power quality issues
  • Correlates data to improve customer satisfaction
  • Decreases operations cost to investigate unknown events
  • Helps customers develop predictive maintenance programs
  • Supports customers in development of outage mitigation plans